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Look Up Name and Address by Cell

Using Cell Phone Numbers to Look Up a Name and Address

The Challenge: Using Cell Phone Numbers to Look Up Someone

How do you find a person or business when all you have are their cell phone numbers to look up?
To lookup a phone number or address in the past, before almost everyone started using cell phones as their primary mode of communication, all you had to do was check in the free phone book for the appropriate area. It was free and easy. But federal regulations for wireless carriers are much different than those for land lines, and don’t allow any sort of log book to be compiled of the owners of cell phone numbers to lookup.
So then what is one to do – how are you to find the person or business name and/or address you seek, especially when all you have to go by is a cell phone number?

The Solution: Introducing the Reverse Cell Phone Numbers Look Up

Following the lessons of websites offering reverse phone number lookup services for land line owners, some websites now exist to provide reverse cell number lookup services. Now you can look up people by their cell phone numbers alone or, alternatively, look up someone's cell phone numbers by simply entering in their name.

How Reverse Cell Phone Number Look Up Services Work

  1. Using this website as an example, cell number lookups are split into two categories:
    cell phone numbers to look up through the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), focusing on:

    • cell number lookups in the U.S.

    • cell number lookups in Canada.

    • cell number lookups in the Dominican Republic.

    • cell number lookups in the Caribbean

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