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Who’s That Cell Phone Owner?

 Tracing Anonymous Callers with a Reverse Cell Phone Directory


Anonymous calls – when the caller, whether a landline or cell phone owner are unidentified – are the worst. They hound us day and night, often just to sell us a product or service we don’t want or ask us for money for their group. They interrupt us in the middle of enjoying dinner, spending quality time with our families, or – worst of all – a good night’s sleep.

Tracing an anonymous call made from a land line has gotten pretty easy in today’s day and age, but not so much when the caller is to find him by cell phone number. Fortunately, though, enough advancements have been made that you no longer have to feel like a helpless victim of these cell owners bothering you with anonymous and unsolicited calls.


First Things First: Call the Cell Phone Owner Back

Your first and easiest bet is to go to a public telephone and call back the cell phone number and see who answers. Why a public telephone. Because if you use your own home, office, or cell phone number, the caller may be able to search and find you, allowing them to avoid answering the call or, worse, taking that as unspoken permission to continue calling you.

One obvious downside to this method, however, is that even if you reach the cell owner this way, he or she is unlikely to identify him or herself to you until you first identify yourself – something you probably don’t want to do. So what are your other options? What are you to do should you wish to search and find the cell owner of someone placing anonymous calls to you? How do you definitively answer the question – “who owns this cell phone number?”

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