How to block outgoing calls?

How to Block Outgoing Calls


How to Make Outgoing Phone Calls Anonymously?

Having the recipient of a phone call you make be aware of the phone number you're calling from isn't always a desirable thing. Some people, for example, will plug that number into a cell phone directory and obtain your name, address, and possibly other person information.

 But a cell phone directory is just one of the reasons why you may want to block your phone number from appearing on the Caller ID of a person or organization you are calling. Regardless of your reasons, this article will teach you how to block your telephone number from being identified by anyone you call.

Landline phones:
A common feature phone companies make available to landline phone users is the option of blocking your number from appearing in a person's Caller ID when you call them. If you sign up for this feature and enable it, then instead of displaying your phone number, it will say "Anonymous" or "Private Call".

There are two call blocking options, the first temporary, the second permanent:

  1. Selective Blocking (aka "Per-Call Blocking"):
    You can block your number on an individual call by dialing *67 before you dial any number to which you wish to remain anonymous. Selective Blocking is the default assignation unless you specifically select Complete Blocking instead.

  2. Complete Blocking (aka "Per-Line Blocking"):
    Call your phone company and request the Call Blocking feature. You can then unblock individual calls to people you want to be able to identify you by simply dialing *82 before you dial the person's phone number.
    Cell phones:

  • Permanent Blocking:
    Call your wireless provider's customer service dept. and request they give you a "line block". This prevents your cell phone number from being revealed to anyone at all who you call. Just like with a landline number, if you want to remove line blocking for individual calls, just dial *82 before dialing the number.

  • Temporary Blocking:
    If you'd rather selectively block your number for individual calls, then just dial *67 before you place that particular call.

NOTE: Whether on a landline phone or a cell phone, certain exceptions to these rules do apply, namely that even if you do have your number blocked, certain numbers can still identify your number nonetheless, those being:
• Toll-free Numbers (i.e. 1-800, 1-866, 1-877, 1-888, and 1-900 numbers).

• Emergency services such as 911 and the police and fire departments (they can also see the address at which you're placing the call).



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