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How to Find a Criss Cross Directory?

The criss cross directory is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Also known as a cross reference directory or a cross reference phone directory, it is the polar opposite of traditional telephone directories. Rather than searching for an individual’s phone number by looking up their name, you find the person’s name by entering in their phone number.

It may seem there’s not much of a demand for the service that a criss cross directory provides. But you may be shocked to discover that just the opposite is true. Just consider how many telephone calls that for one reason or another you are unable to answer each day. You may try glancing at caller ID only to realize that many of the calls that came in are from numbers you don’t recognize at all. What then?

Do you just call back each number and hope that it isn’t a con artist, a prankster, a harassing phone caller, a debt collector, or simply someone you don’t want to speak with? Where’s the peace of mind in that?

That gives you just one of the many reasons why the cross reference directory is becoming such a popular online tool. Even when a person has an unlisted phone number, you can still use a cross reference phone directory to find out their identity. No longer can an unwanted caller hide behind an unpublished phone number. Particularly when that phone number used to be listed at least at one point in time in the past. How great is that? And it’s a fact most people are completely unaware of.


Criss cross directory to track a mobile phone number

Another way you can put a criss cross directory to use is to track a mobile phone number. Even cell phone numbers, though completely untraceable through traditional telephone directories, can be traced using a cross reference directory. Again, this is far preferable to blindly dialing the number back, and it can be incredibly helpful in gathering proof you can use to help the police catch stalkers, scammers, prank callers, and other dubious callers. And when that person is caught, the proof you gather by using such a cross reference phone directory can be quite useful in a court of law.

Yet another great use of a criss cross directory is for a conscientious parent who wants to keep tabs on the people calling their children on their cell phones. Especially these days, when predators are finding all sorts of ways to prey on unsuspecting kids without their parents’ knowledge, tracing phone numbers on the caller ID of your child’s cell phone can potentially help parents skirt unthinkable disaster.

When such a parent tracks a number they don’t recognize and uses a criss cross directory to identify the caller, they can then look for the person’s address and see if they even live in the local area, and they can even check the caller’s name against sex offender lists. You don’t need anyone to tell you your responsibilities as a parent. But you’d probably be ecstatic to be told that you actually have more resources at your disposal for protecting your children than you realize. One such invaluable resource is the criss cross directory.


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