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While it's true that many different services exist on the internet that you can use to search private and unlisted phone numbers, such services are almost never free, even when they purport to be. Typically you first have to pay either a per-search fee or a one-time fee for unlimited searches.

Either way, these 411 databases of unlisted phone numbers make their money by providing information that you're not supposed to be able to find by attempting a free unlisted phone number search on your own. Most free unlisted phone number finders are a joke, offering incomplete and partial information that hasn't been updated in a dog's age, or, on the other hand, deliver the promise of results if and only if you pay them money first - making them not very free at all.

That is why, most of the time, to lookup information on private or unlisted cell phone numbers, you really need to use a paid search services. Notice in that sentence the use of the phrase "most of the time", though. Because there are select instances where you can perform a successful free unlisted phone number search all by yourself. Here's how:

  • To lookup unlisted phone numbers for free, click over to your favorite search engine - most likely that's Google or Yahoo!. Every day search engines like these scour the web indexing web pages left and right, amassing tons of new information and adding it to their gigantic databases.

 Surprisingly (or maybe not-so-surprisingly) these databases often contain information that isn't "supposed" to have been made publicly available. How does this happen? Read more...





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