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How to Block Unwanted Incoming Cell Phone Calls?
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You have numerous means at your disposal, from the most basic to the more complicated, for blocking unwanted and unsolicited telephone calls. The effectiveness of each of the methods you could use to block calls depends upon what type of unwanted phone calls you're dealing with. No matter what circumstances you're facing, though, you should have little difficulty reducing nuisance phone calls with the effective and practical strategies outlined in this article.

  1. Join the National Do Not Call Registry: This is your first line of defense against those annoying telemarketers. When you block your phone number by placing it on this government-run registry, it won't keep you from still receiving unwanted political campaign calls, calls from creditors and debt collectors, and charitable organizations conducting fundraisers. That said, it's still a great service. Plus it's free to do and once you sign up to block your phone number, you remain on the registry for 5 years. To sign up just:

    a. Go to

    b. Or call 1-888-382-1222 (1-866-290-4236 TTY)

  2. Guard Your Phone Number With Your Life: It should come as no surprise that the more you put your phone number out there, the more unwanted phone calls you're likely to receive. It may sound obvious, but this simple fact should not be taken lightly. So this simplest way to block cell phone and land line phone calls alike is to remain unlisted and only give your phone number out to people you want to have it.

  3. Use Your Caller ID: It's there for a reason. You can block callers by screening your calls. Caller ID may not prevent unwanted callers from trying to contact you, but it will reduce the amount of those calls that you'll answer. Sure, some unwanted phone calls will show up on Caller ID as "Unknown Number" or with other such vagary, but not always. Screening your calls is the easiest way to minimize the amount of annoyance you subject yourself to.

  4. Get Yourself An Inbound Call-Blocker: A call-blocker allows you to create a security code that you distribute to people you let call you. Anyone who doesn't enter in that code can't even be connected to your phone. This way, you never have to worry about receiving calls from anyone you haven't authorized. Block calls with a call blocker and you don't even have to think about it again.

  5. Investigate Call-Screening Options: This takes a different tack at call-blocking, allowing you to block callers by inputting the phone numbers of people prohibited from calling you. Everyone else gets through. This way, people you want to be able to call you don't have their calls blocked unless they enter in any special code each time they want to reach you, while anyone you don't want to be able to call you gets their call blocked and redirected automatically to a generic outgoing message telling them you have refused their call. In the best of cases you'll find a call-screener that will flag the last call you received, even if the phone number is unavailable.

Many phone carriers offer additional services designed to help you block phone calls and maintain your privacy and preventing undesired phone calls. It's in their best interest to provide you services that you can and will actually use, features and capabilities you value.

So take advantage of it. Learn what's available to you. You may be pleasantly surprised. You may be able to mount quite a call-blocking defense.


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